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What is Vibration Training ?

Whole-body vibration is not a new concept. Exercise scientists have been studying the effects of intense vibrations for four decades.

The Body Toner is a special vibrating platform that uses Whole Body Vibration
training to achieve great results in little time.

Developed originally as a way of counteracting the lack of gravity in space, vibration training originates from the Russian Space Program where it was successfully used to improve bone density and reinforce the muscles of their astronauts. Vibration training enabled the Russians to set a record of 420 days in outer space, whilst American astronauts were forced to give up after 120 days due to bone density and muscle failure. The Vibration Training is being used extensively in Europe and the United States and has now made its way to Australia.


Vibration training movement causes the body to burn large amounts of energy, hence emptying the fat cells of their stored carbohydrates.

The reason for the large amount of energy burnt is because up to 100% of your muscle fibres are recruited in vibration training unlike normal exercise that uses up to 70% of them. Also during vibration training, your muscles can move up to 3000 times per minute, and yes it does feel like exercising.

Simply stand on the body toner and feel the machine vibrate. According to reports this vibrating motion is said to increase strength, speed, flexibility, and boost your hormonal profile, lymphatic drainage, increase bone density, reduce pain in joints, reduce cellulite, helps you sleep better, lower your cholesterol and increase your blood circulation. As all things go, you must consult your doctor before using this machine.

Benefits attributed to the
Vibration technology include:

   Reduced body fat
Fight cellulite
Increased bone density
Increased metabolism
 Increased blood circulation
Increased flexibility, mobility and co-ordination
Improved muscle strength and stamina
Improved collagen production and skin tone

Users of the Body Toner should experience the following amazing results in just 20 mins per day: 

1. Detoxification:
It prevents constipation, stimulates the intestines, cleans the vascular wall and removes body toxins.

2. Body Toning:
It sheds body fat, improves muscle strength.

3. Fatigue elimination:
Promotes blood circulation, strengthens the body and increases energy levels enabling rapid recovery from fatigue.

4. Total fitness Massage:
This leaves you totally relaxed, it increases your hormones through aerobic shock. It enhances the memory by increasing the oxygen supply to the brain.

5. Strength and flexibility
It strengthens the muscles around the joints, helping to relieve joint pain.
Increased flexibility, strengthen the organs, tissues and bones


   The Body Toner features an oscillating platform with 50
  different speed settings.
 Fat / body scan function to monitor your progress.
 Pre set programs.
 You can just stand and receive the benefits or sit, kneel, lunge.
 Almost any exercise from a typical workout or yoga class.


Targets the back, hips and legs

Targets the waist, stomache muscles and legs

Targets the back, hips and legs

Targets muscles of the back and arms

Targets the whole back

Targets leg muscles and legs 

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