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Disposable Fitted Head Rest Covers - NEW BAG - BULK 200Pcs

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Disposable Fitted Head Crest Cover - NEW 50pcs per Bag

Bulk Purchase 200 Pieces = 4 Bags of 50

Fitted Disposable Head Crest Covers are hygienic - super soft - latex free  - non woven - breathable fabric which easily breaks down for the environment.

The covers are ideal for all massage table cushions from portable to electric tables, desk headrests and seated chairs. They are sewn in the same shape as the cushions (horseshoe) shape and elasticised to neatly cover your cushions.

Cover your cushion in a Terry Towelling Cover (washable and reusable for just $11.00 each) and only change the disposable cover after each client.

This reduces the expense, time and inconvenience of laundering.

Disposable head rest covers can be re-used several times if washed gently in a laundry bag using cold water only.

Disposable face covers are used to protect the vinyl of your cushion, as well as protection for your client against germs and bacteria.

This product will fit most headrest and face cushions sizes.

Also available in bulk quantities of:-

50 pieces - $25.00 - (1 x 50 Bag)

500 pieces - $225.00 - (10 x 50 bag)

1000 pieces - $420.00 - (20 x 50 Bag)

Refer to our listings for larger bulk quantities under "Disposables" - Page 2




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