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Disposable Fitted Sheets - 80cm X 200cm -10Pcs Per Pack - Small

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Disposable sheets remove the inconvenience of washing sheets in between clients.

Fitted sheets suit most tables as they are elasticised.

**** NEW Size: 80cm x 200cm - Smaller Bed Sheet ****

  • Non Woven
  • Elastric on all four corners
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Oil and Water Proof

*** Suited for tables ranging up to 190cm in length and up to 70cm wide with side drop or 80cm wide with no side drop ***

Sheets do not include a face hole opening, if required simply insert a small cross cut when you have the disposable fitted on your table.

The sheets are strong and effective way to protect your table vinyl from cuts, scratches or tears during your treatment time.


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