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Face Masks Cloth 3 Layers Adjustable Pack 5 FREE FREIGHT

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Cloth Face Masks - 3 Layers - Pack of 5 in Zip bag


3 layers with Waterproof – Antibacterial – Dust Filter

Waterproof layer ( outer) : fine polyester fabric with water resistant function helps to intercept dust , dirty and water.

Antibacterial layer ( middle ) : cotton fabric with antibacterial coating against infectious agents , kill 99% bacterial , complying with AATCC 100 : 2019 standard.

Dust filter layer ( lining ) : cotton CVC spandex fabric which is soft , light and gentle which helps to be breathable and comfortable.

Adjustable point for ear straps at 2 sides which allows for different sized users.

Adjustable metal nose piece for more comfort and varying nose sizes.

Product has up to 30 times of washing to maintain antibacterial protection.

Daily use and dry in sunlight or machined at 40C degree

Colour - Black Pack of 5 - Please note there is no writing on the actual masks

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