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Massage Universal Table Trolley

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Prime Massage Table Trolley - Universal

Prime now has available, the NEW and IMPROVED massage table trolley!

The trolley is fully assembled and ready to go.

The trolley fits most massage tables, as it is generous in it's width and length.

This means you can also use the trolley when your table is in its bag and included you towels and accessories inside the carry bag - allowing for you to have free hands.

The cross braces are designed from heavy duty material, placed in the right positions to ensure there is no damage to your table.

The built in soft touch padded handle allows for better comfort for you hand and easy movement of your trolley and table.

The built in straps can firmly hold smaller tables onto the trolley preventing it from wobbling.

The trolley now comes with a "Step on" ledge which helps the user to tilt the trolley into a "Ready To Go" position.

The design of the trolley ensures that your table is locked in securely when moving.

The trolley also folds down for compact storage, and easy transportation!



  • Handle Height When standing up - 103.2cm

  • Width From outside to outside support Bars - 25.5cm

  • Base length When standing up - 106.3cm

  • Length When Folded - 109cm

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