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Prime Body Support Cushion - 4 Piece set & Carry bag

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The Body Cushion, was developed too maximise the clients comfort.

Research has proven that back muscles actually tighten up when lying down on a flat surface.

The body cushion has been designed to position the body for, pregnancy relief and massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, rehab, acupuncture, deep tissue massage etc.

It allows maximum comfort and relaxation for the client as well as allowing greater mobility, enhancing a variety of treatments and thereby optimising the results of therapy.

Benefits of the body support cushion include:

- Adjusts to all body sizes and types
- Allows deep breathing with the abdominal recess and face crescent.
- Provides relaxing comfort for the face and neck
- Effectively supports bony structures and cradles the entire body.

The body support cushion pack includes:

- Face cradle support
- Pelvic Support
- Two piece leg support

- Body Cushion Back pack / carry bag

Colour: Navy

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