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Prime Deluxe Fleece Overlay

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Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Cover Set


The woollen overlay is ideal for creating a cosy warm atmosphere in the cooler weather.

The table cover is much thicker than most found on the market adding luxurious comfort that your client will truly appreciate.

The overlay can be used on its own or under, towels, fitted sheets etc.

The overlay is fully lined with elasticised sides; covering the whole table, included unlike some that cover only the top.

This makes it suitable for tables with width from 70cm to 80cm & length from 180cm to 190cm.

The cover also comes packaged in its own carry bag.

Double thickness - soft one inch thick fleece.

This set features 1" thick Fleece, rounded corners and tucked reinforced edges for superior durability.

This will add a luxurious cushioning on your table.

This will keep your customers / clients warm in winter and cool in Summer.


Colour - Natural Only

Materials - Synthetic - 90% Polyester & 10% Acrylic.

Suits: Width 70-80cm         Length  180-190cm 
No Face hole
Comes in its own carry bag.


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