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Vibra Shaper

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What is Vibration Training?

Whole-body vibration is not a new concept. Exercise scientists have been studying the effects of intense vibrations for four decades. The Body Toner is a special vibrating platform that uses Whole Body Vibration training to achieve great results in little time. Developed originally as a way of counteracting the lack of gravity in space, vibration training originates from the Russian Space Program where it was successfully used to improve bone density and reinforce the muscles of their astronauts.
This model vibration platform is suited to the Professional Trainer (2 Packages)


Eliminates the unnecessary fat on the body. Vibra Shaper Platform not only eliminates the unnecessary fat on your body, but also can achieve the good health for you. It is designed based on the theory of balanced side-moving and amplitude accumulation of sports science, can expose your body's fat to exercise in order to consume extra calories, as well as to remove the excess fat. Every day requires only 5-10 minutes, the consumed calories equaled to 1 hour of jogging, also equals to burned calories at 30 times running speed. With the humanized design and the optionally adjusting on the shaking speed from Level 1 - 30, which is suitable for not only men & women but also children & elderly person to select their favorable shaking speed, it is easy to operate and contains obvious effect, also it will help create the perfect body shape for you. Based on the working mode as high-frequency & lower amplitude, it will improve the ability of inflexible walking caused by rheumatism and the unbalanced walking due to the absence of not walking of an elderly person. The treatment effect has been accepted by all walks of life that has become a full-age product to a family.

Vibra Shaper Specifications

Voltage 220 – 240v
Max Power 1000w motor
Speed Range 30 Levels
Amplitude 8 degree
Frequency 0-14 Reps/s
Weight capability 180 KGs
Size 2 boxes 800 x 790 x 390 mm for 1st carton
1565 x 570 x 90 mm for 2nd carton
Net Weight 65 KG
1 Year Warranty



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